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My Services


I provide individual therapy for children, and for adults.  Individual therapy for children usually involve some collaboration with parents, and sometimes teachers as well.  Individual therapy for an adult may also incorporate family members or partners in some sessions as needed.


I collaborate with couples helping bring out the strengths and addressing the areas in need of improvement.  We explore each partner's attachment style from their own families of origin, to help understand better where which person is coming from, and finding common ground. 


I work with the family to identify areas that need change, addressing familial patterns which are non functional, while highlighting the strengths.  I help improve communication, and help shed light to behaviors that can be modified for the benefit of the individuals and the whole family unit.  On occasions, I collaborate with other therapists who may be involved in individual therapy of family member(s) as needed.


Sometimes couples need help in making the best with what they got for their own benefit, as well as of that of their children.  Therapy can help redirect the couple's energy, so that they can co-parent the best way possible, while adjusting to their new separate lives.


I provide grief groups for school children, grief groups for families, and couples.  Future groups will cater to the needs of children with special needs, and groups for the sibling of children with special needs, as well as their parents.


Meeting once per month on Saturday mornings at my office.  We have an open consultation group welcoming MFTS, MFT Associates, MSWs, and other mental health professionals.

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